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Auld Lang Syne


This year, Iris went from being a cute little lump of a baby to a still cute, but always on-the-go toddler. It's been a great year, full of happy moments with my new little family and friends, but also a very challenging one. Many days as a very new mama, I felt like I was just trying to survive. I'm sure that there will be days like that in 2009, but I hope to do some more thriving along with the surviving. I hope that 2008 was a good year for you too, and that 2009 will be even better.

I only finished 16 objects in 2008, out of (gulp!) 42 that were started. I don't think that's too bad, considering that I work full time and have a young child. Still, I think I can do better next year. Here's my list of crafty resolutions:

1. Knit two pairs of socks for myself. If they are out of sock weight yarn, that's a bonus.
2. Spin for at least 10 minutes everyday. I'd like to spend at least one day each week focusing on spinning over my other crafting pursuits, ala the Yarn Harlot's "Tuesdays are for spinning", but we'll see.
3. Knit a sweater for myself. Wisteria, Liesl, or something new. I don't know yet!
4. More knitting/crocheting for Bob. He's such a good gift recipient, it makes it hard to hold out on him. Probably at least one more hat will be in the works for him this year, and maybe some cute little toys or something. He likes that kind of stuff.
5. Continue the tradition of a birthday hat for Iris. Hopefully, there will be some other Mama-made handknits in her near future, but the birthday hat is the only knitting I'm officially committing to.
6. More sewing. I'm in the process of putting a craft room for myself, and then I should finally be in a good position to really get into some sewing projects. Mostly I want to make adorable things for Iris. And maybe a bag or two for me.

I don't think that's an unrealistic list at all! Of course, I have some non-knitting goals for 2009 as well, but they are pretty boring- get healthier, be more organized, blah blah blah. I'll spare you!

Take care of yourselves… see you next year!


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Finished Object: Bob’s Hat


Cast On: December 21st

Yes, that's right: the Sunday before Christmas! The original plan was to buy a ball of yarn and wrap it up with a note indicating that it was a Future Hat, but I guess I needed to prove that if pressed, I can knit a hat in three days.

Cast Off : December 25th  I finished it in the afternoon, but I still thinks it counts as an on time Christmas gift.

Pattern: A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend by Stephanie Nicole This is a really good, quick, and simple hat pattern. The problem with ribbed hats for me is always decreases, and this one does a nice job of making them look interesting.


Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino in Crimson. One of the most luscious yarns I've ever knit with. Good yardage for the price. I made the hat a little bit longer than the pattern called for, and I still only used a little over half the ball.

Needles: Addi Turbos, 16" size 8. But if I had it to do over again with this yarn, I would have used a seven. The yarn isn't quite a true worsted. Somewhere between a light worsted and a heavy DK. It still made a cohesive fabric on an 8, and the hat fits so I'm living with it.

Mods: Bob has a big head, so I made it just a little bit longer.

Final Thoughts: This is one I'll be making again (and again… and again.) It was a big hit! I am all for selfish knitting, but it's good to have other people around who give a crap about what I make.


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ReBelle, Redux

On Saturday, I took a trip out to Lexington with Allison and Iris. It was kind of a last minute, thrown together trip- not the carefully calculated yarn crawl we made last time. I needed specific colors of feltable wool for a pair of Felted Clogs (Rav link) for my mom's birthday, and I had a good feeling that ReBelle would have what I needed. This time, I actually managed to bring my camera like a good blogger. Allison was in charge of the picture taking, and I think she did a good job. It's interesting to see what another person chooses to photograph- kind of like seeing the yarn store from another person's perspective.

One of my favorite things about ReBelle- they are mom and baby friendly. I can (and do) nurse Iris pretty much anywhere, but it's really nice to be in a place with a sticker endorsing it right on the window.



I love Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the semi-solid colors. So pretty!

They also carry alternative menstrual products, earth-friendly toys and clothes, and some fun recycled items.



Iris loves looking at yarn too!



Right now she's thinking "Mama, you're going to buy me some of that Noro, right?"

An inspiring Hey Teach– I might finish mine for next spring after all!


This is the top of a mannequin leg with Allison's reflection in it.


The back of my car finally has paired decreases! Awesome!



It was a fun day, and yes, I got the yarn I needed. I am still waiting to take pictures of Bob's Xmas hat, but I promise it's in the line up for this week. Also, I'll be posting some of my knitting goals for next year. Next year- just a few more days! Yikes!

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It’s Magic!

Do yourself a favor and try this cast on. Whether or not you think you have any interest in provisional cast ons or toe up socks, it will make you feel darn clever when you figure it out. I only had to watch it… 14 or 15 times.

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Have a Very Merry Kiss-Moose

236 - Copy

The last minute holiday knitting was completed relatively on time (deets and pics to come!) and we had a great day full of family, food and fun. I hope your holiday was just as nice!


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To the Wire

There is some seriously last minute Christmas knitting going on over here, but I wanted to take a quick break from the needles to let you know that Iris and I are on the mend and ready for holiday fun. Or rather, we would be ready if I would have started this hat last week instead of on Sunday. Alas!

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Random Friday

1. First Iris got sick. Now I'm sick (again.) Nothing big, just nasty colds, but it is putting a slight damper on holiday prep (and holiday blogging) around here. I made the Sophie's Christmas Party, but missed out on the Knit Nook. Bummer!

2. I just took this survey about my birth experience, and I think you should too. The results are going to be used to help women make better informed choices about pregnancy care and childbirth.

3. This is the Top Secret Holiday project I mentioned in several posts: Evangeline Mitts (Rav link), which is a free pattern from The Sweet Sheep.


I think they are just lovely, and they were super duper fast to make. The recipient seemed to like them, so I hope they'll be keeping her hands from falling off in that cold library!

4. Crochet turns out to be a slippery slope. I finished one granny square. Then another. Then I got out the Log Cabin Blanket (Rav link) that was started in August 2007 and started turning it into a giant granny square. Then I sent Bob out (because I am sick, after all) to get me a tiny steel crochet hook (size 7) to start making a snowflake out of thread. Thread! I know, it's crazy! And dang hard too. So far, I have one extremely ugly snowflake, and dreams of making many more, hopefully less ugly. I swear that I will never, ever make fun of a doily or anyone who has ever made a doily again. This is intense stuff!

5. I will likely be MIA from blogging for the next week or so. I want to focus on getting both of us well, hopefully before Christmas! If I don't talk to you before then, I hope you have a great holiday.

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