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Turtle Time!


Sheldon, a couple nights ago.


Sheldon, stuffed and waiting for eyes so I can finish the head.

Is it weird that knitting a turtle makes me want to cast on for a bunny so that I can see who wins- the tortoise or the hair? (You don’t have to answer that, I know- it’s weird!)


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Finished: Mother Bear Project Teddy

Pattern: Mother Bear Project Teddy from Knitting for Peace (Note: You
can also buy the pattern separately from the Mother Bear Project
, or you can purchase a bear making kit. Proceeds help them
cover the costs associated with getting these bears to the kids.)

: small amounts of *Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton* in Espresso, Poppy and Indigo

: trusty aluminum Susan Bates straights, size 6

: stuffing and small amounts of embroidery floss for the face

The bear is seamed, stuffed, and ready to start his long journey
to Africa. You might remember that as of my last post, Fred (that’s
what I named him) was waiting to have his legs seamed up after the
mysterious disappearance of the yarn to match his pants. After a long
search, I gave up on finding those last few yards of navy and seamed up
the pants using the dark brown I used for the bears head, hands, and
feet. I used the mattress stitch so you can’t really tell that I used a
different color to seam at all, except where I had to whipstitch the
crotch together. It looks pretty bad up close, but hopefully it won’t
be noticed from a trotting horse.


This was a fun knit, albeit a little tedious with the finishing, and
I’m happy that Knitting for Peace inspired me to knit for such a
worthy cause. Since I started this bear, I’ve been bitten hard by the
knitted toy bug. I have a feeling that Fred will be the start of a long
and happy toy making career. I’m just a big kid at heart and making
toys appeals to that part of me. Sheldon is next in line to go on the
needles, but after that there’s a veritable parade of toys waiting in
the wings. I can’t wait to knit them up and share them with y’all!

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Bag Hag

I am still knitting my little heart out on Tasha. And as a sign of what a good project it is, I am not totally sick of it! I really don’t think it is going to suck up all four ball of yarn… I have finished the front, back, bottom, and most of one of the decorative cable strips and I haven’t even finished two balls. Historically, I seem to use less yarn than patterns call for, but I’m glad to have all four balls at my disposal, just in case.


I really want to finish the knitting on this bag before I start a new project, but I am starting to feel the itch to cast something else on. I blame new yarn:

Kpshinesportblush Kpshinesportcherry_2 Kpshinesportgrass_2Kpshinesportgreenapple

From left to right: ONLine Linie 194 Solo Colorway 0012 (aka, the Yarn Harlot’s Ruffle Scarf yarn), and Knit Picks Shine Sport in Blush, Cherry, Grass and Green Apple. The Linie 194 Solo will quite possibly be regretted in the future, on account of the fact that it is a novelty yarn, but it was 50% off at the big Knit Nook summer sale and that’s all I really need to say in my defense. I bought the Shine Sport in Blush and Cherry with Baby Bell Bottoms in mind, but it’s pretty versatile stuff if I change my mind. The two greens are for Sheldon, a turtle I’ve had my eye on for some time now.

I think I mentioned this the other day, but here’s the sock I’ve been knitting on the go. It lives in my purse. I love this yarn! I think the colorway I’m using is either Larkspur or Winter Sky. Why don’t I ever keep the damn label?


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Resistance = Futile

I’ve been knitting, knitting, knitting like crazy! Unfortunately, I
haven’t been blogging much because I’m experiencing some technical
difficulties with my digital camera. (Translation- I left it on
overnight, ran the batteries down, and keep forgetting to go buy new
ones.) Before the camera died was killed, I managed to work in a little modeling session…

Felted1 Felted2_2

For such a disastrous sweater, Big Blue turned out to be a pretty nice
vest. I’m happy with the finished product, although I wish I wouldn’t
have cut the armholes so big. One is definitely a little bigger than
the other, but at least it’s wearable- more than I can say for the
pre-felted Big Blue! I feel intellectual when I wear it, but Bob says
it makes me look like a member of the Mean Street Posse. I haven’t quite decided whether I should be insulted or not.

I have pictures of finished baby items to, but I won’t be showing those
until they are in hands of the mama-to-be. I hate to be a tease, but I
think they are some of the cutest things I’ve ever knit. So stay tuned
for vomitrociously adorable FOs. Shouldn’t be much longer

Last week, I gave into that wily temptress, Rowan Denim, and cast on
for the Tasha bag. Since I can’t take any progress pictures, just use
your imagination- it looks like two dark blue stockinette squares about
9×9 inches, and a narrow panel of ribbing for the bottom. Probably not
the most exciting knitting photography anway. It will be more exciting
once I start knitting the lovely cables for the top of the bag and

In spite of my being drawn to this yarn, I was a little wary. Not all
of things people have to say about it are good- the indigo dye bleeds
all over hands and needles, it’s a little on the splitty side, and
because the yarn fades and shrinks just like real denim, there’s a
certain element of unpredictability. All are valid points, but I find
it a pleasure to knit with. I will admit that I seem to be dropping
more than the usual amount of stitches, and accidentally creating new
ones from time to time due to the splittiness issues, but it’s not
enough to keep me from liking it. If yarns are capable of having
personalities, then Rowan Denim would be honest, hardworking, and full
of character.

I’m one of those crazy knitters who actually enjoys that "certain
element of unpredictability" in their knitting- probably why I like to
felt- so I’m really looking forward to tossing all the pieces in the
wash and seeing what comes out. It’s one of those projects where I’m
almost more excited about the finishing than the knitting. It’s extra
exciting because this is my first non-felted knitted bag, so I get to
buy some cool fabric to line with and possibly even figure out how to install
a zipper! Woohoo! (Please don’t rain on my parade by telling me how
hard zipper installation actually is… I’m going into this one
blissfully ignorant and I’d prefer to keep it that way for as long as

Aside from a simple ribbed sock that I keep in my purse for knitting at
work and the occasional traffic emergency, the only other things in
progress right now are sort of on hiatus. Somewhere in the process of
moving furntiure from one end of my apartment to the other a couple
weekends ago, I seem to have lost the yarn I need to finish up
my teddy for the Mother Bear Project. I’ll be doing more furniture
moving/cleaning this weekend, so hopefully it will turn up. If it
doesn’t, I’ll either just seam it up in a different color or buy some
matching embroidery floss to do the deed with.

And remember my Ultimate Crocheted Socks? Well, I haven’t worked on
them in a looooong time because I’d like to not have any leftover yarn
(one of the reported benefits of socks from the toe up) and need a
kitchen scale to accomplish that. Also, I kind of lost the muse to
crochet. I think my disappointment with the end results of the Mother’s
Day Afghan sucked the fun out of it for me. Maybe if I can get back
into my socks the urge to hook will return. I hope so, because crochet
is totally an underloved, underappreciated, and under-utilized craft,
and a lot of fun to boot!

To wrap things up, I’ve been missing a lot of group knitting on account
of a road construction project that has made getting anywhere on the
"other" side of the river a huge pain. Adding insult to injury, I ended
up taking childbirth preparation classes on Thursday nights, so the
Thursday night group is out of the question for about four more weeks.
Hope you’re all having a good time without me! I can’t wait to be back!

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Happy knitting! Click the links to download the pattern in PDF format.

**UPDATED WITH CORRECTIONS 07/24/2007** Ruth’s "Perfect" Baby Booties– My favorite bootie pattern, courtesy of my brilliant knitting buddy, Ruth. Works for DK or worsted weight yarn.

I’ve done my best to ensure that the patterns are error free, but I’m only human so let me know if you come across any problems!

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Everything’s Coming Up… Denim?

Lately, I keep finding myself thinking about Rowan Denim. Actually, scratch that sentence. I’m not just thinking about Rowan Denim. I’m obsessing
about Rowan Denim. It went from hovering around the edges of my brain
while I considered using it in different projects, to me dreaming about
it (literally) and
spending exorbitant amounts of time sifting through Ravelry, seeing
what other people have used it for.

So many options! I happened across this today and immediately thought of Anouk, which I’d
already added to the queue of things I’d like to knit for baby. Wouldn’t it just be awesome in denim? I’ve
been thinking about knitting up a pair of baby blue jeans for a while
too. In my dream last night, I was knitting some kind of denim Buttonhole Bag. I remember in the dream I was trying to figure out
how to replicate the shape of that bag in particular without using a
feltable yarn, and I think I may have come up with some complicated dream solution that wouldn’t actually work in real life. I don’t remember what I came up with now though- any ideas? If I can’t figure out how to knit up the bag from my dream, this is a beautiful alternative.

It’s so hard to concentrate on my current WIPs when I am lusting deeply after yarn I don’t have. I’m trying my hardest to hold off on buying any until the big summer sale at my LYS, but that’s not until July 14. I did put in an order at Knit Picks last Sunday, but it hasn’t even shipped yet so I’ll probably be waiting awhile. *sigh*

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