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Even Better Than Yarn Pictures…

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Bob was in shock while we were still in the OR and failed to take any pictures of the baby immediately after birth, so Iris’s first pictures were taken right after the surgery while I was in the recovery room.


She has so much hair, just like her daddy. It’s dark at the roots and turns lighter at the ends- who knows what color it will turn into?

She had a bit of jaundice, so if you’re thinking she looks a little yellow, that’s why. After a couple days on the BiliBlanket, she’s doing fine.

Here’s Iris with her daddy:


Here’s Iris with her Nana:


And very importantly, here’s Iris with her first yarn:


See, I told you I had pictures! Y’all don’t mind if this blog goes from a mostly knitting blog with little bits of kitties to a mostly baby blog with little bits of knitting, right?

Speaking of kitties, they’re to the baby pretty well. Mostly, they ignore her and are more interested in the noises emanating from my breast pump. 



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Finished: Baby

(Pictures SOON!)

Name: Iris Ellen

Birthday: October 18th, 2007

Weight: 10 lbs, 5 oz.

Length: 21 in.

Final Thoughts: The whole time I was pregnant, women who had already been through the whole childbearing process assured me that it would all be worth it when I had her. Since I was fairly miserable for most of my pregnancy, I kind of wanted to slap them. But guess what? It turns out they were right! I’m sure that isn’t shocking to anyone but me, but I may never get over my surprise. I was afraid I might not feel anything… instead, I feel everything.

What can I say? I’m in love!

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The Big Day…

is tomorrow, October 18th. I’m scheduled for surgery at 7:30 in the morning and should have a baby well before 8:00. Is that crazy or what?

I won’t be home for a few days, but Bob should be here periodically to check on the cats, so I’m going to try to coerce him into a tiny bit of baby blogging. I know the pain of waiting for baby pictures to be posted!

Until next time, cross your fingers for me! Thanks for all the well wishes and support! If this kid knew that there were all these cool people waiting for her on the outside world, surely I would have gone into labor on my own by now!

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Good News, Bad News

Good News: The camera has been found! (But I’m still not posting any pictures because it’s already packed in my bag for the hospital, which is in the car so I don’t forget it!)

Bad News: This isn’t really bad news so much as not the news I was hoping for, but somehow "Good News, Not the News I Was Hoping For" doesn’t make for quite as catchy a post title. Anyway, my OB decided that because of the size of my baby, the best and safest route for birth is a C-section. The hospital scheduler is going to call me today and let me know when, but I believe we’re looking at Thursday or Friday of this week. I have a lot of mixed feelings, so maybe after I get the date I can post again and try to sort some of those out.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say this, but please don’t start
sending me links about the risks of C-sections and all the reasons why
I should argue with my doctor about this. I know there are mixed opinions about whether or not a big baby is really a good reason to send an otherwise healthy pregnant woman into surgery. I may have skimped on the knitting during this pregnancy, but boy, did I ever hit the books! If you have a c-section story of your own that you feel like sharing, good or bad, or any words of advice, I’d be happy to hear from you!   

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i can haz camera?

Somehow, posting about my knitting ennui last week a couple weeks ago really helped me get
over it. Not every problem in life can be solved simply by talking
about it, but I’m always amazed by how many of mine can be. One of
these days I’m going to learn that and just talk about my problems when
I start having them, as opposed to letting the bubble under the surface
until I’m exploding with angst. Thanks to everyone who left supportive
comments and advice; they were all much appreciated!

I don’t really have much to blog, because I have lost my digital camera. I’ve misplaced the camera before, but it’s never been gone for this long (almost 2 weeks, in case you’re wondering.) I am approaching panic mode. Ultrasounds continue to show what I suspected all along- this baby is big and if I don’t go into labor on my own pretty soon, the nice doctors are going to stick me with an IV full of something to speed the process up a little. I don’t have an induction scheduled yet, but I think we’re looking at less than a week. I need my camera, ASAP! Could I have picked a more inopportune time to lose it?

I suspect that one of the cats may have run off with it, with the intention of starting a My Space page or something. But I don’t think they could have gotten out of the house with it, so I’m still hopeful of finding it before the Big Day. Wish me luck!

In between camera hunting, I’m fighting a sinus infection, making an effort to read books that have nothing to do with babies, and even knitting a little. Wish I had some better news to share, but I thought I had better at least post something so everyone would know I’m still pregnant! Hopefully, I’ll be posting cute baby pictures sooner rather than later. With the camera. That I’m going to find. Any time now.

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