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Future Quilt

Using these:


To make this, from my favorite quilt book.

Off to the ironing board… and then the rotary cutter. Woo!


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16 months

I haven't been posting as much stuff about Iris as I did when she was an infant. It's not that she's gotten any less adorable and entertaining. She's just a little harder to capture on film these days. At least when she was pre-walking, I could run to get my camera and count on her being in pretty much the same spot when I came back.





When you are a baby, everything looks like it might be a phone. Better check it out!


Looking back to her birthday pictures, just a few months ago, I can't believe how much older she looks. And her hair is so much longer! I keep thinking about trimming up the front a little to get it out of her face, since she won't leave a clip in there for any length of time, but that would mean no more Pebbles ponytail on top. I'm just not ready to give it up!

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Sew Inspired

Lots of sewing to share from the last couple weeks:

1. The finished mini-quilt, which now resides happily on my kitchen counter. One corner of the binding went on okay, but I did something wrong on the other three and had to clip them and sew them down. Fortunately, I don't think it will be seeing too much hard use as a trivet. I hope I resolve my binding issues before the next quilt though.


Detail of the quilting:


The good corner:


The BAD corner:

2. I'm making this top from Burda Style for Iris and everything was going along swimmingly until I got to the sleeves. I'm afraid if I have to sew on and rip the sleeve back out one more time, I will damage the armhole so much that I have to make a new bodice, which would really suck considering all the effort that's gone into it already. It will be so cute if I can just get the $%&*@! sleeves on! They are gathered, which is contributing to the problem I think, but I think it's mostly just inexperience. I'm determined to figure it out, so stay tuned…


3. Drumroll please! The Birdie Sling is finished!


And I love it!!!!!!

The view inside my purse (scary!!):



And you thought only socks had gussets! (Well, maybe that was just me.)

I think a lot of non-sewing knitters think that sewing is crazy fast, maybe even to the point of unfairness. It is faster than knitting in some ways, but also, it doesn't have the portability of knitting. I have yet to cut out one single piece of fabric in traffic, nor do I want to move my dining room table over to the TV so I can sew while I watch Doctor Who. For me, knitting is fun and sewing feels more like work. It's enjoyable, rewarding work, but work!

I would estimate this bag took me at least 9 hours all told, and that was with a boatload of help. Allison, who sewed along with me, cut out my paper pattern, my interacing, and helped me press and sew all along. He mother and sister kept Iris happily entertained while I cut and stitched, and without them I'm sure this bag would have taken much, much longer to come together. I think a public thank you is in order. So, thank you!

I think that's enough sewing excitement for one day. Tomorrow, I have Iris updates and pictures to post… it's been a while, hasn't it?

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