Random Friday

1. First Iris got sick. Now I'm sick (again.) Nothing big, just nasty colds, but it is putting a slight damper on holiday prep (and holiday blogging) around here. I made the Sophie's Christmas Party, but missed out on the Knit Nook. Bummer!

2. I just took this survey about my birth experience, and I think you should too. The results are going to be used to help women make better informed choices about pregnancy care and childbirth.

3. This is the Top Secret Holiday project I mentioned in several posts: Evangeline Mitts (Rav link), which is a free pattern from The Sweet Sheep.


I think they are just lovely, and they were super duper fast to make. The recipient seemed to like them, so I hope they'll be keeping her hands from falling off in that cold library!

4. Crochet turns out to be a slippery slope. I finished one granny square. Then another. Then I got out the Log Cabin Blanket (Rav link) that was started in August 2007 and started turning it into a giant granny square. Then I sent Bob out (because I am sick, after all) to get me a tiny steel crochet hook (size 7) to start making a snowflake out of thread. Thread! I know, it's crazy! And dang hard too. So far, I have one extremely ugly snowflake, and dreams of making many more, hopefully less ugly. I swear that I will never, ever make fun of a doily or anyone who has ever made a doily again. This is intense stuff!

5. I will likely be MIA from blogging for the next week or so. I want to focus on getting both of us well, hopefully before Christmas! If I don't talk to you before then, I hope you have a great holiday.



  1. Holly said

    Merry Christmas, Holly!
    and feel better soon.
    – Holly

  2. Steph said

    Yes, I luvs them! Steph

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