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Just when you least expect it…

Lately, my dishes seem to be going straight from the sink to dishwasher and back to the sink, which leaves a lot of empty space where plates and bowls used to be. You know what?



Louie doesn’t mind at all.


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Christmas, Cats and Cozies


Jet is living proof of the powerful role cuteness plays in natural selection. Since I put up my Christmas tree late last night, he has:

  • climbed to the top of it and come very close to knocking it over twice,
  • chewed on the presents,
  • knocked off every single ornament at least once,
  • and generally wreaked havoc on the tinsel.

If he wasn’t so cute, I undoubtedly would have skewered him on a candy cane by now. We’ll chalk my patience up to an evolutionary miracle.

But holiday cheer isn’t totally lost on me. I have a pretty tree…

and a singing sheep…


and a two or three weeks worth of knitting that needs to be finished in the next eight days.

The Ipod cozy is going pretty well, with only a few minor bumps in the design process. I like the way the Wildfoote yarn knits up, but I’ve experience a lot of splitting while casting on, picking up dropped stitches, and putting stitches back on the needle after ripping back. I’m feeling pretty confident that I can finish it in plenty of time.

Cozy5  (This pic is several days old. I’d say I’m about 1/3 of the way done now.)

The prognosis is somewhat more grim for the rest of my holiday projects. I foresee belated presents in several futures, but I’m sure it won’t be the first (or last) time I’ve had to give a knitting I.O.U.

I thought you might be interested to see where I am when I’m not knitting. I spend between 50 and 60 hours in this cubicle every week. There’s definitely some evidence that a big dork (and a knitter) lives here.

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Today’s Breaking News:

  • Saturday is great! Not being at work is even better!
  • I am blocking the fronts and back of my Ribby Cardi, and hope to seam it up tomorrow so I can see how far from fitting it actually is. I don’t own an iron, so Jet helped me with the pressing. Bless his heart. Jetblocks
  • I’m very, very tired of my Stripey Socks, but they’re almost done now so I might as well finish them. Plans are in the works for my next pair. I’ve had this beautiful purple Koigu in my stash for almost a year now, just waiting for the perfect pattern to show it off. Koiguyarn_2
    I’m deciding right now between the Mata Hari Socks from Craftoholic or Falling Leaves from Knitty. What do you think?
  • Speaking of Knitty…. new Knitty!! I haven’t really gotten a chance to dig in to this issue yet, but at first glance, my top three patterns to knit would have to be Monkey, Emerald, and Eiffel. I’m seriously considering knitting Hexed, not so much because I love the hat, but because it sounds like a fun knit, and I have about a gazillion skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky laying around.
  • I’m trying not to think about my Xmas knitting projects. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, the words that come to mind when I think about it are catastrophe, woe and ruin. I’m very close to deciding that Bob’s big ass head can just stay cold for all I care. If he wants a warm head, maybe he should learn how knit. (No, I’m not bitter… why do you ask?)
  • I can’t wait until tomorrow! At least for this week, my Sunday is totally free and I plan on kicking some knitting (and seaming) booty. Woohoo!!

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