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So, I have something special and exciting coming my way. Want to guess? Here's some hints:

  • it's round
  • it's lightweight
  • it's NOT a baby brother or sister for Iris
  • I bought it here after seeing it mentioned on this blog

It should be here Tuesday and I can't wait! *SQUEAL*

Oh, and it's no fair guessing if I already told you.


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I've been spinning in pretty much every non-working, non-parenting moment for the last week and this is what I have to show for myself so far.




(That last one is 8 oz. merino roving from Grinny Possum, not a giant ball of yarn I spun myself, just FYI. I wish!)

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Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

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Friday Night (or Saturday Afternoon) Ravelry Surf #6

Instead of surfing around tonight, I thought I could intersperse some mini-articles about the many ways to use Ravelry to your best advantage. If you have any questions about using Ravelry, or things you'd like me to talk about in the future, please let me know! Tonight's topic: Favorites.

When it comes to Ravellers, there seems to be a divide between those who mostly Queue and those who mostly Favorite. I personally used to be a hardcore Queue-er, until I ended up with hundreds of patterns queued and had to face the fact that I was probably never going to knit 90% of them. What's more, if I didn't get rid of some of them, I wasn't going to be able to find the 10% that I might have time to knit!

Now, instead of queuing every cute pattern I come across, I add it to my Favorites instead. I might not knit them all, but it's fun to flip through them for inspiration from time to time, and I know it makes the designer feel good that someone has made their pattern a favorite. Also, there's a cool tagging feature that allows you to add a tag to patterns in your Favorites so that you can find what you want. 


I try to tag each project with the following information:

  • Weight of yarn (fingering, worsted, dk)
  • Type of project (ie, hat, scarf, baby)
  • Techniques (cables, lace, intarsia)

If I tag a project with a specific yarn in mind, I might also tag it with the name of the yarn. For example, I've been looking for patterns that might be suitable for me Sundara Seasons
yarns, so I add the tag "Sundara" to them so when I have my yarn in
hand, I'll be able to find them quickly. Or, if it's a good one skein project, I use the tag "oneskein". Pretty easy!

If you are are Queue-er, not to worry! My tips on using tags will work for you too, and I will still be your friend even though my way is obviously better. For more details and
tips on using Queues and Favorites to their best advantage, check out Episode 61 of Stash and Burn!

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Random Wednesday

1. Weigh-in #2 (because I had to skip a week for Labor Day): 310.6 pounds. Nothing lost, nothing gained. Which, at this point, I am nothing short of thrilled with.

2. Still knitting on Hey Teach. Still amazingly monogamous, I'm done with the right front and making steady progress on the left. I don't think it's going to be done in time for Hat Attack (which is only 6 days away- yikes!) but might potentially be done before Jessie's wedding. I'm shooting for the reception dinner, so wish me luck.

3. After I finish Hey Teach, I'm planning to knit a tiny hat or two or three or a hundred. There is a drive going on Mason Dixon Knitting for them, and it just sounds like fun. Is anyone else out there feeling the little hat love?

4. This Ravelry group made me giggle, but I can't join because I actually rather enjoy knitting dishcloths. But if you don't, is this ever the group for you!

5. Have I mentioned that I'm podcasting again? Well, I am. You can check it out here, if you're so inclined.

6. Obviously, the only reason I had a baby was so I could train her to unpack my groceries for me.


Hope everyone is having a good week!

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Back to School


Hey Teach- the "Brooklyn Tweed shot"

I'm still working hard on the right front of Hey Teach. I would already be done with the right front if I hadn't decided to lengthen the body by about four inches. (Two extra in the stockinette, two more in the lacy part.) I think this is going to yield a sweater of the right length for me, and should make the ribbing part of the pattern fall right under my bosom, where it belongs. I can almost never buy any tops that are designed to separate the bust from the rest of the torso, because the bust part is inevitably too short.


In spite of my confidence in the sweater's length, I'm still feeling some trepidation about the armhole. The measurements given in the pattern schematic sure do make it seem like the armhole is going to be much to small. My brain has a hard time grasping the difference between armhole length (the measurement from the place where you start the armhole shaping to the shoulder when the garment is laid out flat) and armhole depth (how big the armhole actually ends up being). I think I'm just going to try to trust the pattern, knit the sleeve and sleeve cap as written, and see what happens. If it doesn't work out, I can always donate it to someone with a big body and small arms. (If you're thinking "This all sounds familiar, it could be because armhole measurements were the reason I frogged another sweater.)

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Old School


Making this: Hey Teach (on Ravelry)

Using this: Lion Brand Cotton Ease (on Ravelry)


Of course I can't make any promises, but I'm feeling very monogamous towards this last little bit of summer knitting. The gauge and short sleeves should make it a quick knit, even for a big gal.

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