Finished Object: Bob’s Hat


Cast On: December 21st

Yes, that's right: the Sunday before Christmas! The original plan was to buy a ball of yarn and wrap it up with a note indicating that it was a Future Hat, but I guess I needed to prove that if pressed, I can knit a hat in three days.

Cast Off : December 25th  I finished it in the afternoon, but I still thinks it counts as an on time Christmas gift.

Pattern: A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend by Stephanie Nicole This is a really good, quick, and simple hat pattern. The problem with ribbed hats for me is always decreases, and this one does a nice job of making them look interesting.


Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino in Crimson. One of the most luscious yarns I've ever knit with. Good yardage for the price. I made the hat a little bit longer than the pattern called for, and I still only used a little over half the ball.

Needles: Addi Turbos, 16" size 8. But if I had it to do over again with this yarn, I would have used a seven. The yarn isn't quite a true worsted. Somewhere between a light worsted and a heavy DK. It still made a cohesive fabric on an 8, and the hat fits so I'm living with it.

Mods: Bob has a big head, so I made it just a little bit longer.

Final Thoughts: This is one I'll be making again (and again… and again.) It was a big hit! I am all for selfish knitting, but it's good to have other people around who give a crap about what I make.




  1. Holly S. said

    Nice hat. It counts as on time. For a similar hat story, read my description of a gift to my dad on ravelry:–scarf

  2. M Ward said

    Nice. My gf knit that up recently. She loved it – it was her first hat.

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