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Out in the Cold

I’ve had a cold all week. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that the cold had me. I missed blogging almost as much as I missed stitching and not needing a box of tissues handy at all times. Did you miss the blog? (If you didn’t, don’t tell me. My fragile ego can’t take the blow.)

Today is the first day since last Monday that I felt up to stitching, and it’s Afghan Day. I’m still a little too sick to be hanging out with my knitting friends, but our air conditioning finally got fixed so it’s bearable to crochet large objects once again. The afghan is very close to completion. I can almost taste the end! Victory is nigh! I’m still a little skeptical about this thing coming out shaped like a rectangle, but I guess if it’s a rhombus it will still pretty much fulfill it’s purpose.


How’s that for a progress pic? Yes, I really am too lazy to spread it out and take a picture. You want to spread it out? Come over here and do it yourself!!

Moving on from the not-at-all-photogenic afghan…

Last Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised to get two handmade gifts for my
baby! The first is a beautiful crocheted afghan from Paulette. I love
the cheerful orange color, which is perfect for any October baby. I’m
okay with a certain amount of wishy-washy pastels, which is good since
they’re basically unavoidable when it comes to baby stuff, but I really
prefer bright colors. Paulette says the stitch she used is
called a half shell. I love the scalloped edge it made!


Ruth, who happens to also be expecting a baby that is due the week
before mine, was nonchalantly knitting a baby hat a few seats away from
me, and then right before it was time to leave she gave it to me!
Sneaky girl! We both think that we might end up getting inunduated with
pumpkin baby hats, but I don’t mind. If you have to get inunduated with something, it might as well be something super cute! Ruth’s pumpkin hat now has
the distinction of being Baby’s First Pumpkin Hat. Isn’t it just precious? I
can’t wait till I have an actual live baby to model it!

As far as I can tell, everything about having a baby is calculated to
make you feel guilty. You’re never eating enough (or at least, not
enough of the right things), exercising enough, or preparing enough. As a
knitter, you can end up with a bonus prize: feeling guilty about not knitting
enough. Luckily, I have plenty of generous and crafty friends to help
me assuage at least that bit of guilt. This baby is going to be
surrounded in handknits, even if Mom never gets around to making an
heirloom baby blanket out of lace weight cashmere!

I have been feeling small stirrings of motivation to knit for my baby, but those urges will just have to wait until I can finish up a couple of gifts for expecting friends. I think that once I finish those projects, and if I get lucky this week and find out whether it’s a boy or girl, this blog will be overpowered by baby knitting. Until then, go satiate yourself with the cute baby knitting going on over here.


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Sunday is Afghan Day


It’s time to confess a secret that is probably not much of a secret if you knit with me or read my blog- I am starting to feel a little bored with the Mother’s Day Afghan. It’s reached one of the most frustrating points in any project, when it is huge and unwieldy but the end is still nowhere in sight.

I still basically like the project, and I think it will be a great belated Mother’s Day gift once it’s done, but in order to make sure it does get done I’ve decided to assign it it’s own day. Sunday tends to be my most productive crafting day, since I go to an informal group that meets on Sundays at my LYS for 4 or 5 hours, so every Sunday until it’s finished the afghan will be my Sunday project. I always get really excited for Sunday knitting/crocheting, so I’m thinking that excitement will carry over into the project itself. I’m guessing it should only take me 3 more Sundays to finish it up.

You probably can’t tell much from the picture, but I finally started the straight section of afghan. I’m pretty much just gaining height now. I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to the decrease section. I’m sure that anyone out there who has knitted a Clapotis can empathize.

In Non-Afghan News….


What is this newly cast on object? (Besides a mess, I mean.) Stay tuned to find out… or just listen to my podcast, which should have a new episode out tonight.

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