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It’s My Birthday!! (almost)


It’s almost 9 in the morning, and I’m sitting in front of my computer wearing slippers and an extra stylish teddy bear nightgown. How awesome is that? My birthday is Monday so I decided to take a nice extended weekend for myself. I haven’t made any plans except yarn shopping, knitting, and generally lazing about, which is basically my idea of the perfect weekend. Over the last 22 years, I’ve decided that birthday parties are highly overrated, but in the past I’ve felt kind of obligated to try to throw some kind of gathering together anyway. This years, I’ve decided to give myself the best birthday present ever: no party to worry about! Woohoo! (Don’t worry, I also plan on giving myself copious amounts of yarn.)

Knitting is going S-L-O-W. I’m still working on the toe-up socks, the strawberry purse, and the Agent Orange Vest. I’m sort of running out of steam on the vest, especially since I had a big change in gauge somewhere in between swatching on vest knitting. (swatch: 4 st/in. vest: 4.5 or 5 st/in.) I intended this vest to be done in the month of February, so I could get some where out of it this year. Therefore, I was going for about a 50" bust. If I keep knitting it as is, the resulting vest will be about 6 inches smaller. Yeesh.

Since I’m losing weight, it would probably be okay to keep going, but I definitely won’t be able to wear it this year, so is there really a point to hurrying this project through the queue? Probably not. Do I even care what happens to the yarn at this point? Not so much.

The Strawberry Purse should be finished and felted today, so at least that’s over with. It has definitely not been a fun project. I cast on for it on a whim, because I was depressed about the whole CPH thing, but if I would have realized how much work it would end up being, I’m sure I wouldn’t have bothered. I’ll explain more about why the bag was such a pain when I post pictures tonight and give the final breakdown.

Since my current WIPs are so unsatisfying at the moment, my my mind has been straying to other things I want to put on my needles. First and foremost is the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I’m obsessed with the thing. I stayed up late last night perusing the now closed Sunrise Circle Jacket KAL. So many beautiful options! I tried getting gauge with the Agent Orange yarn, but it’s just not bulky enough to give the fabric the proper amount of firmness. Besides, that yarn is totally cursed and I don’t want it coming anywhere near this project!

I’m thinking I want to use a yarn with long color repeats, like Noro Kureyon, or perhaps SWTC Karaoke, but I’m worried that the fabric may still be too drapey. Other people have used both yarns though, and their jackets look fine. Beautiful, even. Am I overthinking this?


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I just put together my photo gallery for knits that I finished in 2006, and I have to confess that I am ashamed of the woeful lack of quality knitwear. I’m trying to make myself feel better by remembering that this isn’t really all I knit, because I didn’t start blogging until March and I didn’t have a camera until May, and maybe I just forgot to take some pictures (especially gifts).

Nonetheless, this pithy selection of items, most of them small, is deeply unsatisfactory to me. I am not a casual knitter, but looking at my finished objects from last year you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell. Shame, shame, shame on me.

Must. Do. Better. Next. Year.

(You can still go look if you want.)

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