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Baby Got Back (Problems)


This has been a slooooow week for knitting. My knitting Rotation is all screwed up because of holiday knitting (which still isn’t finished as of January 6th). I suspect that I’m above my self-imposed limit of two projects and a sock, but I’m keeping myself in a comfortable state of denial by staying a little unclear on exactly what I’m working on. There’s a dishcloth and a half in my purse right now, so I’ll admit that it is a valid, in Rotation project. (I blame a New Year’s Eve party that featured the world’s longest game of Trivial Pursuit.) There’s a halfway completed Christmas present that I *should* be working on, but does it really count if I haven’t picked it up in almost two weeks? I vaguely remember casting on for a Moss Grid Hand towel from Mason Dixon Knitting, but it was almost immediately frogged and abandoned after the unfortunate linen/cat incident. I don’t think that one quite made it into the Rotation either.

Oh, and if anyone tells you that they saw some tall, fat dark haired woman at the Knit Nook last night casting on for the Grown Up Bonnet from Knit 2 Together in a beautiful avocado green alpaca/wool blend… it was so not me. Especially if the dirty liar said she was wearing a fabulous Clapotis and complaining about her back.

Speaking of which… my back hurts, and I’m not entirely sure why. I haven’t done anything particularly strenuous over the last week, but all of the sudden things like sitting down, standing up and bending over are very painful activities. It started hurting on Monday night, and now it’s Friday and I still can’t wear shoes that need to be tied. I’m trying to be "macho" and wait it out, but I think if it doesn’t significantly improve over this weekend I’m going to have to suck it up and go to the doctor. As much as I’m looking forward to being a crazy old cat lady, I see no reason why I should be shuffling around like one at age 22.

As if I didn’t have enough knitting problems with all the upset to my Rotation plan, I have had to put a temporary halt to all sock knitting. I finished my Stripey Socks on New Year’s Eve, just in time to wear them to the party. Like most of the socks I’ve knit for myself, they fit fine… when I first put them on. But after a few hours of wear, they get really loose and baggy. When I wash them, they shrink back to regular size and the cycle begins anew.   

I’d always kind of assumed that this was just a problem inherent to hand knit socks, since this isn’t a problem I have with the regular kind. But I was flipping through the sock chapter from the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules book and I noticed a Sock FAQ where common sock problems are addressed. Wouldn’t you know, this isn’t an uncommon problem at all, and according to the book the reason it happens is because your gauge is too loose.

Big freaking shock. The girl with the long fingers and gigantic gauge can’t get proper sock gauge on size 1 needles? Of course she can’t. I know I nearly always have to go down 2 sizes from the suggested needle in any pattern. Why didn’t it occur to me that this would probably carry over to socks? I think I’m going to need to go down at least to a 0 and possible even smaller!  Unfortunately these sizes are hard to come by around here, unless I want to buy two sets of Addi Turbos, which are out of my budget right now. So, no socks for me, for awhile anyway. I guess warshrags are an acceptable alternative for a portable project.


*sob* Just look at those cute little hearts I’m going to have to frog! *sob*

In non-knitting news, Liz will be happy to hear that I am finished with Grey’s Anatomy season two, so I will be returning the box set she graciously loaned me. Last night I dreamed that Izzy was operating on my back. (No, she didn’t try to cut off my life support.)


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