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I Guess She’ll Die

Today, I’m feeling a little bit like the Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly. For the entire month of March, I struggled with the nausea and vomitting of early pregnancy. Feeling too sick to eat, and throwing up a lot of whatever I did eat, I cursed my fate, my body, my boyfriend, and pretty much everyone within cursing distance. Nothing could be worse than feeling like this, I said to myself over and over. (In literature, this is what we call foreshadowing.) So over the weekend, my nausea seems to have gone away. It’s too early to say if it’s really gone for good, but at least for now the last few days my stomach really seems to have calmed down, and believe me when I say I am grateful.
Do you sense a complaint coming?
The nausea has been replaced by the worst allergies I ever remember experiencing. Everyone I work with hates my guts right now because I sneeze uncontrollably all day, and have to blow my nose from time to time just to add insult to injury. My eyes are puffy and swollen and I’ve officially joined the League of Mouthbreathers.
Now, being pregnant doesn’t really prevent me from taking allergy medicine, or at least, not all allergy medicine. The problem lies with what is considered "safe". My options are Benadryl, which has a history of making me fall asleep at my desk, or Claritin, which definitely will work on the allergies and comes with the added bonus of non-drowsiness.
But guess what! Claritin makes me sick to my stomach! Talk about your dang catch 22’s. Stay tuned to see if I decide to go ahead and swallow the spider….


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