Granny Would Be Proud


This is not a picture of my first Granny Square. My first Granny Square was incredibly wonky and anything but square. Actually, my second one was pretty wonky too. The third try, pictured above, is much better. All the right corners in all the right places. It makes me feel ridiculously clever, and I am foreseeing a lot more of these in my future. (I used some Blue Sky Dyed Cotton scraps and a size I hook, and made Medallion 2 from Super Stitches Crochet.

Crocheted motifs- seriously addictive!


Also on the hook is the Anne scarf (Rav link).

003 - Copy

I love the scarf and it is mad fun to do, but I'm a little iffy on the scarf/color combination. I think the red makes it look kind of like a gaping wound. But, for a chick that's into horror movies, maybe that's appropriate. (The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Vermillion, in case you want to make your own blood gushing scarf.)


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