Recovered, Part Two

We spent a couple days of our vacation at a cute little hotel on the shore of Lake Chelan.

If Iris is going to be tall (and with two tall parents, I think she is pretty much doomed) she might as well get used to being asked to join the basketball team now.

Iris and Katie. Katie is Bob's brother Jeremy's soon-to-be stepdaughter, so I think that makes us related somehow! Regardless, she was very helpful with Iris while we were at the hotel….

although Iris occasionally disagreed.



The lake is this pretty! I COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP!!!


Iris got hold of the camera one night in the hotel room and apparently, this is what you take pictures of if you are an almost-two year old.

Nice composition, kiddo! I like the diaper hanging out the side of the trashcan. We party like rock stars.

Last thing I wanted to show you all is Grandma Linda's tattoo. (Yes, tattoo!)


An iris, for our Iris. Now is that love or what?



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