Recovered, Part One

We've been back from vacation in Washington (state, not D.C.) for over two weeks now, and I think we might be done recovering. It took awhile for Iris to get back to Eastern Standard Time. Bob did battle with an epic sunburn (reapply people! REAPPLY!) As usual, I spent about a week just trying to remember what day it was and sleeping a lot more than usual. We had a good time, but you know how it is when you get back. Vacation hangover!

I know that some people (Tammy, I am talking to you!) have been waiting an inordinately long time for vacation pictures. I'm sorry it takes me so long to blog sometimes, but I'm (literally) not willing to lose sleep over it. I would like to suggest getting a blog aggregator, like Google Reader. It's a good way to keep track of all the blogs you like without having to check for new posts every day. Comes in especially handy for unrepentantly infrequent posters! Not that I know anyone who fits that description. Ahem.

So! Pictures!

At the Murphy house, AKA


Iris got the princess treatment from Grandma. Free rides in the wagon for grandchildren only!





Some other sights from around the house and back yard.

Chickens! (Who did not want to be photographed AT ALL.) They don't all have names, but P Diddy and Little Jerry are among them. Have I ever mentioned that raising chickens is one of my fondest wishes in life? I really got a kick out them while we were there, and Iris loved them too.





That's it for the yard… now a few pictures from inside the house, so you can admire (as I do) the eclectic array of decorative objects.



This is my husband's senior picture, next to a plaster handprint he made when he was a little kid. Awwww.




This last one is the view from the bedroom window, looking out over the "driveway". (In quotes because I am of the belief that if your driveway is more than 1/4 mile, it is a "road".)


Next time, there will be pictures from Lake Chelan! And maybe even some vacation knitting!


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  1. Allison said

    I check everyday! You will never get me to use Google Reader! Ever! Exclamation Point!

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