A Walk with Iris

After dinner during the week, I've been trying to take Iris out for a little walk around our apartment complex. It's a good way for both of us to get a little activity, and provides a nice respite from finding entertainment for a toddler who is getting progressively crankier as the evening goes on.

This probably goes without saying, but taking a walk with a toddler is a completely different experience from the evening time "power walks" I used to take alone. Obviously, they are slower. Also, I notice things I didn't pay much attention to before.

Like how long our shadows are:


How interesting this drain is:


Tiny flowers:


Gravel is fun to take out of potholes:


And stairs are fun to climb…




And over.


Sometime after this picture was taken, there was a tiny tumble from the second stair, so our walk ended a little prematurely. I carried a tired and slightly disgruntled baby home, but she doesn't seem any worse for wear.


Some more pictures I couldn't resist putting in. You can click to make big.

044 057 059 039 081 087

I'm so grateful to be sharing these walks with her right now.



  1. Jessie said

    Cutest kid ever, and a very sweet post. Hang on to that photo at the end where she’s showing us her diaper. Use that for blackmail later.

  2. Colleen said

    Walking with a child is a very learning experience. As an adult you have forgotten how interesting some things are. Enjoy these days because they go fast. Hope to see you soon. Colleen

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