That is the word that best describes my current WIP, this Baby Surprise Jacket. (Do I really need to put up this Rav link?) Besides that the pattern is sort of that way to begin with, I strongly suspect that all my increases and decreases are not quite perfectly aligned. Fortunately, I think the fingering weight yarn will hide many ills (Dream in Color Starry in Punky Fuschia. I don't think it shows in pictures, but in real life, it has a subtle sparkle. Just right for your baby bling needs!)


Maybe you can see the sparkle in that one. I hate to even post pictures of WIPs around here anymore, because I seldom seem to have a finished object to show off later. I don't want to be a tease! I'm feeling pretty confident about this one. Fun, ingenious, keeps you guessing… all things that keep me engaged in a knitting pattern.

I'm trying to find things to do with my sock yarn stash this summer that aren't socks. Baby stuff, hats, shawls, scarves. This caught my attention yesterday in a big way. It is practically begging for the Malabrigo Sock treatment. I'll take other suggestions of course. I am not going to run out of sock yarn anytime soon!


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  1. Heather said

    My circulars broke when I was working on my BSJ! I just finally bought some new ones so I can finish it. Yours is looking great!

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