Thriftin’ and Knittin’


Iris had a wee bit of an ear infection last week, so I didn't get much of anything done. I am not complaining! She is 19 months old and this is the first time we've ever had to get a prescription filled for her (Thanks, boobs!) She's feeling much better now, which is good, because we had an action packed three day weekend!

On Saturday, I went thrifting with Allison. I was looking for a coffee table, but instead I came home with a sweater that I hope will fit me in the fall, a housecoat that I plan to recycle into something cute for Iris, and this cute little box for sewing notions (among other things).

108  110 122

(You can click to "embiggen" as the Yarn Harlot says.)

That is the cool thing about going to yard sales and thrift stores. Frequently, you don't find what you were looking for… but you find other stuff that makes you just as happy, if not more so!

Iris had a good time roaming the Goodwills and Salvation Armies of Southern Indiana, but she was plumb tuckered out when we got home!


Sunday was mostly a day for moving furniture around and cleaning. Not terribly blog-worthy. But my living room looks a heck of a lot better!

Today, I got to spend four blissful hours sans child at the Knit Nook. I feel like a super productive knitter now. I almost finished the yoke section of the top down cardigan I started for myself on Friday night. (But I couldn't get a good picture, so we'll put that in the "later" pile.) I also almost finished the ribbing section on my Mini Mochi socks!


For some reason I can no longer remember, I decided to do a twisted 1×1 rib on the cuff. It looks pretty, but I think it might be the death of me. It is taking FOREVER to make it to two inches. I am not ready to officially declare this ribbing to be at black hole status… but I am close. I will make it. The end of the yellow is nigh. I am primed for green!


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  1. Allison said

    it was even on your blog! Green comes after yellow!

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