When Sinuses Attack

I am feeling cruddy today with allergies and what not, so I am trying to lay low for the day. Which leaves me plenty of time for blogging, for a change.

I still haven't gotten my act together on the buttons for Iris's cardigan, in spite of all my good intentions. But here's a little preview:


Are you excited? I am too… maybe even enough to sew those buttons on today!

I did turn the heel on my Jaywalkers, which went fine, but since then, they have been nothing but trouble. I think I need a private lesson with someone who has actually knit a pair or two so they can show me where I have gone awry with getting the stitch pattern to line up on the instep.

009 - Copy
In the meantime, I'm casting on for a pair of socks that will hopefully prove to be less painful.


The yarn is Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace. It is a really unusual sock yarn- a single ply, spun very loosely, but in an 80/20 merino and nylon blend. Theoretically, that should make it a little more durable than say, Noro Sock. I happen to have a "thing" for rainbows so this colorway is right up my alley.


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