Zoo Day!

I took a day off work today to take Iris to the zoo with Allison and her sister. First we had breakfast at Wild Eggs. (Hands down, the best waffle of my life. So sad I didn't take a picture of it!) Iris colored a picture, which looks like fun.


Pancakes were enjoyed, but did not elicit the level of excitement that crayons did.


At the zoo, Iris rode on a baby elephant. (Well, a statue of a baby elephant anyway.)


We petted goats. (Bonus points for fiber bearing creatures!)


I wanted to bring this guy home, but he wouldn't fit in the stroller.


This tortoise was really booking it across the petting zoo area. Not as slow as previously reported by certain hares….


I think she is ready to leave us and join the gorillas.


I got landed on by a lorikeet! I'm really glad I wasn't wearing anything low cut. It was still a little freaky though!



Please don't tell my mom I let Iris get this close to a snake! Even one safely behind glass!


Some other snazzy reptiles.


063 064

We came home happy, but ridiculously exhausted. Iris took this longest nap she has taken since she was about four months old. Theoretically I could have gotten a lot of knitting done while she was asleep, but I needed a rest too! Thanks to Allison and Lori for spending a fun day with us.



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  1. Holly S. said

    I love going to the zoo. There’s a nice one in Atlanta a couple of hours away. Now you’ve made me want to go. Hmmm.

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