Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you had a happy one, whether you are a mother, love your mother, or are just a fan of mothers in general. (I'll take all three!)

My day mostly involved piecing a quilt destined for Iris.


I'm using couple of charm packs from the Oh My Dog! collection by Lori Gardner. We do not have a dog. I'm not really what you would call a "dog person". (See the name of this blog?) But Iris is really interested in them. Book about dogs, dogs on TV, dogs walking by us in the park… all very exciting for her. (For the non-quilting folk, a charm pack is a little bundle of 5" squares. I think it's the quilting equivalent of a garter stitch scarf.) Even as a not-so-crazy-about-dogs person, I really like the fabric. The palette is really fun, and I love those polka dots!

I also finished up a cardigan that I designed for Iris (everything but ends-weaving and buttons), so there's something blog worthy to look forward to his week. Yay!

Lest you think that I am selflessly throwing myself into projects for her and nothing for me, I'll reassure you that tonight, I have designs on finishing the heel flap on my first Jaywalker (Rav link). (Yes, the one I started over a year ago. Shut up! I'm working on it already!) If my luck holds out, I could have a turned heel before bedtime! I am such a party animal. Happy Mother's Day to me!



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  1. Jessie said

    I am uber-excited about both of these projects. Puppy quilt and punk awesome Jaywalkers? I’m in suspense!

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