Sea Legs

I ended up with a Canon Powershot A590IS.
005 - Copy

My old camera was bought at the last minute before a vacation, mostly chosen because it was on clearance. This time, I shopped around a little more and found a camera with a lot of features I like. So far, so good!

Today I realized that if I was going to start blogging again, I was going to have to clean up my little crafting area.

018 - Copy

Eek! See how not blogging has made me lazy!?!


Ah, much better. Nothing makes me happy quite like a drawer full of reasonably well organized fat quarters.

Sewing has kind of taken over around here. That pink floral thing laying on my ironing board in the craft station "before" picture is my first skirt, just finished a couple days ago.


I love it, even though it is wrinkly like a mofo after wearing it for even a few minutes. Does anyone know what to do about that? Starch or something maybe?

And just for Holly, and everyone else who has missed seeing Iris around here….


I think she is enjoying having a camera regularly pointed in her face again. It's that whole first/only child thing, you know.




  1. Holly S. said

    Oh, what a cute little girl! It’s so nice to see her pretty face again.

  2. We have a Powershot A720 IS and we love it. It does really good both indoors and outdoors and performs really well for such a compact camera.
    Hope it does everything you need!

  3. M Ward said

    That is just like my camera! Except more megapixels. You’ll love it!

  4. Colleen said

    I love the quilt and Iris is a doll. I can see she is learning to feed herself. Hope your Mother’s Day was a good one. See you soon. Colleen

  5. tonya said

    I think there needs to be a sewing par-tay!
    Glad you’re back in action!

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