Where Did It Go?

Last month really flew by for me, probably
due to a combination of life with a toddler, a flurry of new craft passion,
and some generic "real life" craziness.

I feel like I blinked one day around the middle of March, and now I've opened my eyes again in April.

Finally, I feel ready to get back on my blogging pony*, but my camera is nowhere to be found. I will not go so far as to say I've turned my apartment upside down, but I have looked good and hard, and so has Bob. We think Iris might have found a new hidey-hole, which would probably solve a number of missing object cases here. So I am publicly beseeching the Universe for the return of my camera, from wherever it may be. I have some knitting, some quilting, and even a little spinning that I would love to share. I miss you, blog!

*References to blogging pony are, sadly, metaphorical. But how awesome would it be if I really did have a magical pony that blogged? Pretty awesome, I think!



  1. Tara said

    Who cares if its a pony or not? I’d be happy with someone to follow me around taking pictures and noting down blog-worthy stuff so I wouldn’t have to do it!!!

  2. Colleen said

    Iris is too too cute in her Easter finery. I love the materials for your quilt. See you soon. Colleen

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