16 months

I haven't been posting as much stuff about Iris as I did when she was an infant. It's not that she's gotten any less adorable and entertaining. She's just a little harder to capture on film these days. At least when she was pre-walking, I could run to get my camera and count on her being in pretty much the same spot when I came back.





When you are a baby, everything looks like it might be a phone. Better check it out!


Looking back to her birthday pictures, just a few months ago, I can't believe how much older she looks. And her hair is so much longer! I keep thinking about trimming up the front a little to get it out of her face, since she won't leave a clip in there for any length of time, but that would mean no more Pebbles ponytail on top. I'm just not ready to give it up!


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  1. tonya said

    Oh yes – there’s a reason many of our Leo photos are taken while he’s in his high chair. We also have lots of phones: calculators, spoons, books – pretty much anything! It’s getting warmer – there should be a chase-babies-with-our-camera-playdate soon! (There’s always Tyler Park right by the Knit Nook!)
    P.S. Iris is so tall!

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