Hopelessly Outdated WIP Pics

This is a top down cardigan for Iris out of Lorna's Laces Fisherman in Tahoe, recently acquired from the Knit Nook Superbowl Sale.


I often enjoy looking at other people's variegated yarn projects, but am way too anal retentive to knit them myself. I ripped this back three or four times before I was satisfied with the level of pooling. I'm trying to learn to let go a little bit… just let it do what it wants to do without trying to "fix" it. This would probably be a good lesson to learn for my life overall, but if I can manage it in knitting for just this one project, I'll be content.

You know, good TV knitting for me used to mean long sections of garter stitch or knitting in the round. Now I'm going through a flat stockinette phase. At least, I think it's a phase. What if I am morphing into an alogether different knitter, one who is rabid for stockinette? Something to ponder…


I cast on for these mittens the day I fell in the snow. There's nothing like having your bare hands on ice to motivate you to make mittens. Now that the weather is warming up, motivation is waning. It's a really nice pattern though, and you know how I am about Apple Green Malabrigo. These will get finished sometime for sure.

This would probably be a good time to mention a few things that took a trip to the frog pond recently, just so you are not waiting with bated breath for all eternity for an FO. I have come to point in my knitting/crocheting/crafting life where I figure I am probably going to frog roughly half of what I start, and I'm making peace with it. I don't want to finish things that I'm not happy with just to finish them. I want final products that I will love! For various and sundry reasons, these didn't make the cut. (All links are to Ravelry.)

Hey Teach! cardigan
Boteh scarf
Anne scarf
Feb. Baby Sweater

And that's just the stuff I mentioned on the blog at one point or another!



  1. tonya said

    Yep, I picked up stitches.
    I think frogging is the way to go if you aren’t happy with something – no reason to waste time on something you don’t love!

  2. M Ward said

    I love that pattern for mittens. 🙂 It’s looking great – beautiful color, too.

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