I’m Not Superstitious, but….

this morning, I found a MOTH in my apartment!!!


Fortunately, I am pretty sure it is just a regular, came from the outdoors kind of moth. Not the kind of moth that recklessly devours wool. Nevertheless, I will be making a thorough examination of all things woolly in the house today. Ugh.

While I was trying to determine the Terror Alert Level my particular moth warranted, I stumbled across this gallery of pictures of moths and butterflies. Some of them are really beautiful.



  1. Jessie said

    That moth is similar to ones I’ve found here (as in they’re both brown). I’ve never had any wool issues. Don’t forget your crack moth security team: Jet and Louie. Surely they could defend you.

  2. M Ward said

    Oh my god. I was told once I was crazy when I thought a moth got inside my place. Then I heard it actually flapping around inside my yarn container (which wasn’t fully shut). I killed that thing dead. No mercy with moths.

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