Yarn: Still Cheaper Than Crack (I Think)

Birthday yarn! Birthday yarn! Woo!


As you can see, I settled on the Handmaiden Swiss Cashmere & Silk in Ruby from The Loopy Ewe to spend my birthday gift certificate on. Out of what was in stock, I think I made the best choice for my taste and complexion. It's hard to capture the subtle variegation of the yarn. I wish the blog had touch-o-vision or something. It's the softest thing I've ever felt in my life. I may not have the chance to knit with tons of luxury yarn, but in this case I think it's better to have loved and lost.

Of course, I just had to get the free shipping, so I also ordered…


Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Rose (my first Seacell!) and some Dream in Color Classy in Ruby River, which I didn't take a picture of because it's already tied up in project (more on that soon!)

And as if that weren't good enough, my Sundara Seasons Club yarn for February came the same day! A vertiable windfall of wool!

062 060

The top is Spring color, Bluebells. Bottom is Fall color, Brambleberry. I have loved all my Seasons yarn so far, but Brambleberry just takes my breath away! I think it is destined for Ishbel. Soon, since I already wound it up!

I feel like I am way behind on blogging, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up over the weekend. There are WIPs galore here.

I've heard that it takes umpteen times for a marketing message to sink in, so even if you've heard it on other blogs I'm going to repeat it here: Have you donated to the Australian Red Cross to help with the bush fire relief effort? This blog has kindly organized some drawings for yarny prizes to give some extra incentive. Please help if you can!


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