Good News, Bad News: Birthday Edition

Good News: It's my birthday! I have officially been on the planet for a quarter of a century!

Bad News: Thinking morbid thoughts about how much of that quarter century I frittered away on nonsense. Which I know is ridiculous. I'm only 25! It could be years before Iris has me put into the home from Hard Copy.

Good News: I've been back on Weight Watchers in a serious way for the last week or so, after a much-too-long hiatus. Eating good, exercising, and all that. Feeling good!

Bad News: In my efforts to be committed, I took a walk on Tuesday in the snow. The snow was fine, but there was some sneaky ice underneath the snow, resulting in two falls and a banged up knee. (Also injured- pride.) This has made it hard to… well, do pretty much anything that isn't sitting on my tail end and knitting. Now that I think of it, that's not really so terrible. So maybe I should move this to the good news section?

Good News: I finished the first issue of Handknit Heroes (like, a week ago) and I really liked it!

Bad News: Still no review. But I swear, it is coming! Tomorrow? Saturday? Soon!

Good News: Tomorrow night my mom is watching Iris for a number of hours so that I can go out for dinner and a movie (Coraline!) with husband and friends.

Bad News: Well, there really isn't any bad news on this one. I'm just overflowing with excitement!

Oh, and my final bit of good news- my husband's present to me this year was a very generous gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. And there just so happens to be a yarn that I've been dreaming of that costs exactly the amount of my certificate. Which color should I order? Don't go buying it all up before I decide now! Happy birthday to meeeeee!



  1. sonya said

    Those colors are gorgeous, it will be difficult to choose.
    I had a really hard time on my 25th birthday too.

  2. Katie said

    I’m fond of the Nova Scotia or the Sea Foam colorways…. but the Amethyst is nice, too. Tough decision!! What a nice present!!

  3. Steph said

    Happy belated birthday to ewe! Happy belated birthday to ewe! Happy bel…well, you get the point! 🙂

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