Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

Superbowl Sales seem to be traditional at most yarn stores, and the Knit Nook is no exception. The store officially opens at 10, but I arrived at 9:20 to the sight of knitters spilling out the front door and onto the sidewalk. Inside, I had the rare opportunity to observe a whole flock (or is it a gaggle?) of knitters in their natural habitat.



Allison even managed to snap a picture of me (and my shawl!) in my natural habitat, rifling through a bin of sale yarn with a coffee in hand. I ask you, could there be a more perfect morning?


I was kind of guiltily hoping that a fist fight would break out over half off cashmere or something, but all yarn lovers present were on their best behavior. The line was long, but not too long- Kristin and Cindy did a fine job keeping things moving. (Sorry Cindy- I couldn't get a picture of you over all the knitters!)

This year, I decided I should let other people buy a little yarn for a change. I made it home with minimal damage to my credit card. The final stash enhancement count:

One skein of Lorna's Laces Fisherman in Tahoe. Destined to be a sweater for Iris.


3 skeins of Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 Ply, which is a fingering weight, in Lobster. Future yet to be determined. Probably some kind of mitten.


One skein of Rowan Cocoon in Seascape. I have no idea what it will be, but I like it because even though I'm usually pretty mohair sensitive, the mohair in this yarn doesn't make me itch. Amazing!


Also, I did a little supplementing of my needle collection, and bought the pattern for Iris's sweater. All in all, a resounding success!


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  1. Holly said

    That blue will be beautiful on Iris.

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