Super Extreme Productivity

Q: Is this still a knitting blog?
A: Yes, and here's some knitting to prove it!


Exhibit A: One February Baby Sweater (Rav link) for Iris. You might recall that I started one in Malabrigo last year, hoping to make matching mother daughter sweaters. I had so much trouble with the pattern that I gave up and buried it in my WIP pile. (It's still not frogged though, so I might un-bury it and try to save it.) This sweater is coming along much more smoothly. For one thing, I acquired some tech support. For two things, I decided to put the sleeves on hold until finishing the body, which for whatever reason is making it much easier to deal with.

Since I took this picture, I finished the body part, but it still needs sleeves. Ravelry saved this project from the brink of disaster. Coming down the body, I was pretty sure I was running out of yarn. I shortened the length substantially, but it was still clear that I was not going to have enough for more than very very short sleeves. The yarn color (Schaefer Yarns "Miss Priss" in Everywoman) was discontinued, and even after turning the internet upside down and shaking it, I couldn't find a ball anywhere. Fortunately, a lovely Raveler has come to the rescue with half a ball of the precious wool. Phew! I want this sweater to be an heirloom, and heirlooms need at least three quarter length sleeves, in my personal opinion.

Since I'm waiting for said yarn to arrive before attacking the sleeves, I started another top down sweater for Iris on Wednesday, this time in crochet.


Did I say started? What I meant was, started and finished.

It's the Roselette Top from Chez Plum in SWTC Karaoke, Wild Cherry. A more detailed and official Finished Object post is to come, as soon as it gets buttons. There are 36 Roselette Tops on Ravelry, and I think there should be more. Hundreds! Thousands even! This is probably the fastest thing I've ever made, and I love it! Love love love it! I love it so much that I already bought the pattern for Violaine, the adult version, and I'm plotting away.


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  1. Allison said

    the stripes will look just darling on your tiny daughter.

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