Finished Object: Nappy Bag


Pattern: Nappy Bag by Amy Butler This isn't really that complicated of a pattern, but it's pretty involved for a beginner. There's an inside and outside to be cut out, plus pocket and a canvas lining.
Started: sometime in June 2008
Finished: January 4, 2009

This bag had been sitting in a tub, all but forgotten, until this weekend while I was excavating working on the craft room. I happened across it, realized it was only a few seams away from completion, and decided to go ahead and do the deed. All in all, it's not too bad for my second or third sewing project. It's huge, roomy and has tons of pockets. Plenty of room for my baby stuff and my knitting. Sweet!

The main thing I think I learned is that I need to take more time to get the details right. I rushed through this bag (up the point that I shoved it in a plastic tub, anyway) and it shows- some very crooked seams and a very ugly cell phone pocket mounted on one strap.


Next time, I will relax. Slow down. Be a little more liberal with the seam ripper. It will take longer, but I'll be much happier with the end result.

It's funny how even though I've totally ignored sewing for the last several months, finishing a project made me want to get back in the swing of it. I am longing to make this dress for Iris, even though I suspect it is a little beyond my skill set. I might try something a bit easier, or tackle another bag.



  1. Jessie said

    Adorable. The print is very fresh and…chic.

  2. Steph said

    Ohh, cute! Can you bring the pattern 2 night so I can peruse it? I’m feeling all sewy-ish since I got mah new machine!

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