A Slight Sense of Foreboding

In the spirit of New Year's Eve, I opted not to complain about this yesterday (well, not publicly anyway). Today, I am complaining! There are people on my roof making a crazy amount of racket! I'm not sure what they are doing… very important roof-related tasks, I'm sure… but the point is, they were there from about eight in the morning to six in the evening yesterday, and I think they're going for the same schedule today. It's like sitting under a stairwell where someone is stomping up and down it all day long. I keep expecting to see plaster dust floating down from my ceiling.

Why are they doing this on a holiday? And why didn't the apartment management warn me beforehand so I could have made arrangements to be somewhere (anywhere!) but here? The only time I cannot hear the pounding is when I'm taking a shower. This is probably the most clean I have ever been in my life.

I spent yesterday evening putting up the Christmas decorations and cleaning. After Iris went to sleep, I enjoyed a very large White Russian and brought the New Year in with slightly drunken spinning. Today, I did more cleaning and rearranging in my future craft room and spun some more. Besides the crazy pounding overhead, it's been a good 2009 so far. I think they're gone now, so I can quit blogging to take my mind off the noise. Thanks for listening… I hope your new year has been a little more quiet!


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