Sophie’s Secret Xmas Swap 2008

Today was very funky weather wise. Lots of gray and rain, which is great for sitting around and knitting but not so great for taking pictures. Plus, the thing I'm working on right now is a top secret holiday gift, so I can't really show you anyway! Have you ever noticed how much the holidays suck for blogging?

Speaking of the holidays, I'm long overdue for posting my wish list for the annual Christmas swap at Sophie's. So… hear ya go!

Your Name:


Your Favorite color(s):

 Well, purple and pink as a rule, but lately I've been binging on green. I'm pretty much open to any color that isn't that weird baby mint green. Yuck.

What size be your feets?

 11. If you choose to knit socks for me, I can only offer you my condolences (and eternal gratitude, of course.)

Any hobbies (other than

Spinning, crocheting, sewing, movies, video games, and trashy TV shows.

 Anything you collect besides sticks and

 Does roving count?

Your favorite foods, candy, goodies, music,

 Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate, Quaker Mini Delights in caramel, and Fiber One bars. (Yup, I'm back to Weight Watchers. Can you tell?) I am really into Ingrid Michaelson right now, and the only CD I have is Girls and Boys. I like all kinds of holiday scents- pine, cranberry, sugar cookies, all that stuff. And vanilla. And spicy smelling things. I'm not terribly picky!

Things you do not want, and that if you received would
cause you to shun the giver for at least a week:

 Ummm…. please don't give me another cat. I think I'm stocked up on those right now!

Do you have an Amazon Wish List, or anything like

 Yes, yes I do. And it's all been updated recently.

Anything else I’ve forgotten that you would like your
gifter to know, i.e. you have a deep and abiding affection for Red Heart
SuperSaver Yarn (we promise not to ban you from the group if this is actually
true, although we may not look at you the same ever

I love to receive handknits and promise to wear them and love them forever. :^)


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  1. Allison said

    I choose to knit socks for myself… then not like them… and then giver them to you.

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