Blog on Blog

I didn't mention it on the blog, but I set myself a personal goal of
blogging ever day (even weekends!) during the month of November. I
came close, but didn't quite make it. I found out some important things
in the process:

1) If I have to, I really can dredge up a little content nearly every day. I'm quite proud of that.

Does dredging up a little content every day burn me out on the whole
process? Somewhat, but it also kept me motivated to keep my crafting
momentum up.

3) It's hard for me to have what I consider a cohesive blog because my projects so rarely go from Point A to Point B
without at least a couple of detours. And unlike so many of my favorite
knit blogs, my finished objects are few and far between. It probably doesn't make for the best blogging, but that's the reality of how I knit so there you go!

4) I really, really like blogging. I think it's
an important part of my process. I love getting comments and meeting readers, but beyond that, the act of chronicling my knitting and a little bit of my life gives me a sense of satisfaction. It feels good to contribute just a teensy bit to the craft blogging community that I love.

5) If I didn't really, really like blogging, I would have to quit because it's a lot of freaking work!

I probably won't be trying any more marathon months of blog posting anytime soon, but I'm going to try to keep up with a more regular posting schedule. (Except for skipping a few days this week- I needed a break!)

That said, I have exciting things to show you!

First of all, here's what thirteen repeats of the Lace Leaf Shawl looks like. This thing is getting seriously hard to take pictures of!


It looks pretty much the same as the last time I posted about it, except you'll notice that I have stand back farther from the deck to get the whole thing in the picture. You may recall that thirteen repeats was my original goal, but in the end I've decided the sixteen would be better. So I'll keep going, even though the honeymoon is definitely over at this point. Those rows get so long!

Desperate for a break from the shawl- a short break, because I really want the FO!- I turned to something totally different.


Hello, Boteh!

(Rav link)

Yup, I'm crocheting! (And it's not even March!)

Seeing the scarf on Grumperina's blog sparked my interest, even though initially I didn't really think I wanted to make one. The shape of the thing is what got to me in the end. Grumperina said something about how this shape would be hard to obtain in knitting, and that thought stuck in my head. It is really different! And, in addition to being different, it is also crazy fun to make. Like, so much fun it should probably not be legal. It's a pretty popular project on Ravelry at the moment, so I guess if I get arrested about 300 other crocheters are going down with me!

And the yaaaaaarn! Dream in Color Smooshy is my new BFF. It's kind of lackluster in the skein, but when you knit it up (or crochet it up, in this case) it just sings! (I ordered mine from the Loopy Ewe, and I happen to know they have some in stock right now. Just sayin'.) Oh, and my colorway is Pansy Golightly.



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