Spin Doctors

I hope everybody here in the States had a good Thanksgiving! Ours was okay, even though I was (and am) a little under the weather. I'm thankful for all of you!

Here's my latest handspun, all skeined up.


And here's what it looked like a few days ago, before the massive bleeding that occurred in the finishing process. The colors in the pictures are accurate, at least on my monitor. Definitely a big difference!


The whole thing shook my spinning confidence a bit, but not for long. On Wednesday night, I taught Allison and Jessie how to spin on the Babe. It was the first time I've taught anyone, and I have to say, it was pretty thrilling. Almost as good as watching a birth! They both made very lovely yarns, and I was proud. We even composed a song during the lesson:

I like big batts and I cannot lie,
You other spinners can't deny
that when a fleece comes in that looks good for making lace
with the wool up in your face
it gets SPUN!

Good times!

I also got my Lace Leaf Shawl back on the needles. I noticed one more mistake, but it's pretty minor. I think I can just throw an extra k2tog in there somewhere and be all back to good. You know, at the beginning of my vacation I was totally convinced that I would be done with the whole shawl before it was over. I think maybe I could have been too, if I hadn't had to do all that ripping. I've heard Kristin at the Knit Nook say that however long you think it's going to take you to knit something, you should multiply that by three. So true!



  1. Allison said

    Knitting is just like a home renovation- you always have to double the cost and the allotted time. I showed everyone my tiny ball of yarn on Thursday.
    Quote a cousin- “I didn’t know you could make yarn”
    You as in anyone, not just me.
    Well it doesn’t just get unraveled off of a sheep…

  2. Jessie said

    but wouldn’t it be cool if it did unravel off a sheep? then we could go to the pasture and be like, “i’m gonna catch me that green worsted sheep!” and then you’d catch it, pinch it, and kick it so it would run back across the pasture, leaving a sweater’s worth of yarn in its wake. just a thought.
    your new yarn may not be quite as bright as you thought, but it’s still quite lovely.
    feel better, sensei!

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