Needles and Pins


The yarn is Jaegerspun Zephyr Wool/Silk, lace weight, in Blueberry. Aka, my future Lotus Blossom Shawl. Blue isn't normally a color I gravitate to, but this color really called to me. At 14.00 for 630 yards, it's a bargain! And from the small bit of swatching I managed to do, I can tell you that it knits up beautifully.

What I am learning is that choosing a needle size for a lace project is a very open ended thing. It's not like knitting a sweater, where gauge can make or break the project. It all depends on your preference for "openness" in your lace. Here's my highly unscientific "average" needle size chart, gleaned from looking at a whole lot of lace on Ravelry:

Lace: 3 – 6
Fingering: 5 – 8
DK/Sport- 7 – 9

But then, you'll see something like this Shetland Triangle in Silky Merino (which is a DK) knit on size 5's, or this Dragon Scales Shawl in Smooshy (a fingering) knit on size 9's. They're both lovely, so you have to assume that the people who knit them just swatched it out until they found the perfect size for them. (Or they made extremely lucky guesses!) I still think I should have gone up a needle size for my Lace Leaf (I'm using a 7) but maybe it will turn out okay. I'm planning to try to block a chunk of it out on the needles so I can guesstimate how many more repeats I have to do. It was surprisingly not that big when I took it off the needles before, but I'm going to block it to within an inch of its life so we'll see.

Some November Sweater related content: The Cosmicpluto B-Side Cardigan. I keep seeing the ad for this pattern in Ravelry, and every time I think "Ooh, cool!" I love how the cable gives it an asymmetrical look, and the size range is really good. It calls for DK weight. Wouldn't it be just divine in Malabrigo Silky Merino? Yes, yes it would!


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  1. allison said

    in answer of your question last night- my peacock feather shawl was done on a 4

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