If you're tired of shawl talk, I do apologize. But I can't get them off my mind! I'm about to start my 11th repeat on Lace Leaf, and the closer I get to the end (which could be either 3 or 6 repeats away, depending) the more I obsess about which shawl to cast on for next, and in what yarn.

When I first cast on for Lace Leaf, I practically had to sit on my hands to keep myself from casting on for the Garden Shawl (Rav link), another from the Knitting Lace Triangles book, with my Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Pansy Golightly. (Rav link) (I didn't really sit on my hands, since that would have necessitated putting down Lace Leaf, but you get my drift.) I still might do that next, but I'm not sure that the resulting shawl would be big enough to suit, since I only have the one skein. More of a scarf really. But, if I make it and it is decently big, then that would open up my sadly underused sock stash in a whole new way! It might be worth experimenting with. Surely someone would want the scarf, even if it was too small for me. Some of the one-skein-of-sock-yarn shawls on Ravelry look huge, but of course it's hard to tell if you don't know the size of the model.

In the end, I'm not risking anything major, so I'll probably give it a try. I think it's a good idea to step down from a DK weight shawl to a fingering before I go all crazy on my PRS laceweight. Speaking of PRS laceweight…

It risks becoming one of those yarns that ends up being stashed forever because it's too precious to use. My fear of ruining it is in constant competition with my desire to see it knit into the most ideal project possible. I have 1300 yards, so I have plenty to do just about anything I want. I might even have to do one large shawl and a scarf or something. Some contenders, all linked from Ravelry:

Norwegian Woods Shawl
Seraphim Shawl
Lotus Blossom Shawl
Hidcote Garden Shawl
Baltic Blossoms Shawl
Veil of Isis
Estonian Triangular Summer Shawl
Summer into Fall Shawl
Juno Regina

There are so many beautiful choices! Right now I'm leaning Hidcote Garden, but I have plenty of time to change my mind. I'm open to suggestions, so feel free to leave 'em in the comments! As you can tell from my list, my taste skews heavily towards triangles, but I'm not ruling anthing out!



  1. allison said

    that prs laceweight link is empty

  2. allison said

    I like the Seraphim, the Lotus Blossom, and the Veil of Isis- but as a triangle.

  3. Jessie said

    I think I have the Juno Regina in my queue. I think you should go for something…bolder, though. I like the Hidcote and the Norweigan Woods.

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