More Stash (and a Sling Flash)

I had grand plans for my post-baby evening last night. After putting Iris to bed, I hoped to spend at least an hour listening to Outlander and working on my triangle, then at least an hour listening to Outlander and spinning. Instead, I laid down to listen to Outlander and nurse Iris and… well, the last thing I remember was waking up long enough to throw my Ipod over the side of bed. All this at the late hour 8:30 PM. I'm a real party animal!

So instead of pictures of epic progress on my shawl, and some freshly spun yarn on the bobbin, I present you with some recently acquired stash. I have no excuse, except that I had Paypal credits burning a whole in my virtual pocket!

First, some more Squambo batts:


I swear, they just get more deliciously funky all the time!

Then there's this lucious Beauty Berries batt from Loop. This is my first Loop batt, and it is quite possibly the softest thing I've ever touched. The colors range from a bright purple to a dark blueberry color. Intense and amazing!


Then a little Tempted roving from The Loopy Ewe. The colorway is "Iris"- c'mon, how could I resist?

Finally, in the yarn department, some of the new and wildly popular Malabrigo Sock, also from The Loopy Ewe. (The color selection is pretty limited right now, but don't worry- more is on the way!) Mine is Ochre and I loooove it! (As if Malabrigo could ever make anything that I dont' looooove!)

I got two skeins, so this is probably either going to be a shawl or scarf/hat set. Maybe the next skein I get will actually go on my feet!

In non-yarn related news, Heather from The Bee in Your Bonnet turned me onto International Babywearing Week. This begs the question… have you worn your baby today?


This is Iris, at less than a week old, in her sling.  She sure did spend a lot of time in that position! Tomorrow, I'll try to get some more recent sling pictures and tell you all about the sling and my babywearing experience so far.


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  1. sonya said

    Wonderful fiber!
    She looks adorable sleeping in her sling. The slings now are much cuter and hipper (is that even a word??) now than when I was using one.

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