Finished Object: Bobble-licious Cowl


Handspuncowl4 Handspuncowl3

Pattern: Improvised, with a side order of bobbles

Yarn: My very own handspun!

Needles: Addi Turbos 24" Circular Size 9

Final Thoughts: As you can see, I changed my mind about my round of single crochet on the edge of the cowl. I liked the pop of color, but it always looked like a provisional cast on to me. Yet a plain stockinette stitch cowl needs something to make it special, and here I think bobbles really save the day. Yes, that's right- bobbles! (Go ahead. Shudder. I know you want to!)

Bobbles get a bad rap in the knitting world for being "warty" or whatever, but I find them charming in small doses. Think pebble, not wart. They're cute and quirky, kind of like pompoms. This was my first time making bobbles, but they're pretty easy to get the hang of. Actually, the hardest part was finding information on the subject. To save you a lot of googling, here's a link to the best bobble tutorial I found. (Because I'm sure now that you've seen how awesome mine are, you are dying to run out and put bobbles on everything, right?)



  1. Allison said


  2. Jessie said

    I think I’m on board with the bobbles now! They look like…way better than I thought they would and don’t take away from the squishy alpaca goodness.

  3. tonya said

    It is truly bobble-licious!! I can’t wait to do the bobbles on my Druid mitts!

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