So Happy Together


Now that I've re-started Wisteria again, I can barely even remember why
I put it down in the first place. Love is definitely in the air over
here! My only complaint: it is too darn warm outside for sweater
knitting to feel vitally important. It's November for pete sake! I'm not quite ready for snow,
but I'm definitely ready for a nip in the air. We've had a chilly day
or too, but there is just not enough nip around here to suit. Alas!


The color is a bit off in this picture, but you can really see those cables pop! Love it!

enjoying working on this sweater so much that- get ready for it- I am
going to forego spinning tonight, even though I didn't spin last night.
Two days in a row apart from my wheel! Shocking! That should give you a
sense of the gravity of Wisteria. The combination of cables with
Malabrigo is just too compelling to pass up.

As previously mentioned, I didn't spin last night. But while I worked on my sweater, I finished up a skein of my second Squambo batt, Spin Out.



I love how every yarn I get out of these batts is a fun surprise! This was my first core spun yarn. It's a bit more tricky spinning a single that is going to remain a single than to spin a single that you plan to ply. If you're plying, you need to overtwist your single some, because it will untwist quite a bit in the plying process. If the yarn is going to stay single, it needs to be pretty well balanced right off the bobbin. But I think having the cotton core there helped me, and it's a fairly balanced (though not perfect) skein. I'll be practicing core spinning again on my next batt, and hopefully putting up a little tutorial on the blog, so look for that in the near future.

But not too near, okay? I have a Wisteria to get back to!


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