Making Up

I started out with the best intentions to knit on my poor, sad, neglected Wisteria this month, but all that frogging and yarn detangling left me feeling out of sorts. I spent some time this evening getting inspired to pick up the needles again, and I think I'm finally ready to give Wisteria the attention she deserves. Really, it's not the sweater's fault! I'm ready to make amends. A little candlelight, soft music, and some one-on-one knitting time and Wisteria and I should be happily together again!

If you're feeling in need of a little sweater pick me up, here are some good places to start.

  • The NaKniSweMo thread in the Stash and Burn Groupies group on Ravelry. In fact, the most recent episode was about sweater knitting, so go have a listen!
  • Shibui Knits Patterns Page. I am partial to that semi-variegated look, so these sweaters appeal to me deeply. I especially love the Textured Raglan and Baby Half Circle Jacket. Most of the patterns are available for sale here.
  • A Fine Fleece. My new favorite source for 100% Pure Sweater Porn. Do not walk, RUN to your local yarn or book store and pick it up! You will not regret it! (And non-spinners, please don't be intimidated by the fact that subtitle of the book is "Knitting with Handspun Yarns". True, there is a focus on handspinning here, but they also provide suggestions for commercial alternatives.)

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