Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a tangled day. I re-started work on my Wisteria sweater, only to discover that I really needed to frog about an inch and a half. Then I got interrupted during the frogging/putting back on the needles process, and sometime in between that and getting back to it, Iris decided to "help". Now I have a slightly-more-frogged-than-intended Wisteria collar, and a large tangled mass in between it and my ball of yarn.

I'll probably just end up cutting out the tangled part and attaching a new ball of yarn. Then I'll only have to detangle the mess if I run out towards the end of the sweater. It's not really that big a deal, except that it really put a damper on starting my Month of the Sweater.

Later in the evening, I went out for a coffee and brought my freshly skeined Raspberry Jam yarn, intending to wind it into a ball and do some swatching.


Unfortunately, the yarn didn't want to cooperate.


It took about an hour and a half to get my pithy little 150 yards of yarn wound up, and I had to cut twice. On the bright side, the yarn is really pretty and my swatch looks great!

(Sorry, no swatch picture. Blogging is a mostly nighttime activity for me, and I really need to take pictures out in the daylight. All things will come in the fullness of time!)

I really wanted this yarn to be a Le Slouch, but I don't think that's going to happen. For one thing, my yarn is too skinny for that particular pattern. More than that, I don't think there's enough of it for an adult sized beret, slouchy or not. I really wish I would have bought a third (or even fourth!) braid of that danged Fleece Artist BFL! I am officially making a rule about buying less than four ounces of fiber at a time, unless it is luxury fiber, or a cool novelty batt. It is crazy making!


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