To Ply For


I managed to cram both bobbins of singles onto one bobbin for plying, but it got pretty perilous near the end. My wheel was really wobbling, and once or twice the yarn would slip off and wrap around the flyer. Whoops! That's what you get for trying to cram 3.6 oz of fiber onto a 2 oz sized bobbin! I still think it was better than having to ply half of it, stop, wind onto the niddy noddy, and then ply some more.

After last night's plying adventures, I'm seriously considering purchasing the Plying Flyer Kit for my Babe. According to the website, the big red plying bobbins will hold about 8 oz of fiber, which is 2 standard sized bobbin's worth. Also, the red bobbins look really cool, IMO! On the con side, even though the bobbins are bigger the plying flyer still isn't really made for bulky yarns. I could get a Bulky Conversion Kit instead, which would probably satisfy not only my plying needs, but my sudden craving for wildly bulky, slubby, crazy art yarns. I just can't decide if it's really worth an extra hundred bucks or so. What if I change my mind about art yarns? Ack, decisions!

But I digress. Back to the yarn! I think I love every yarn I make more than the last one. This one reminds me of raspberry jam. 150 yards of raspberry jam… yum! Maybe I should spin up some toast and butter to go with it! My spinning is getting a bit more consistent, but we're definitely still not at the "Look! My yarn is all the same weight!" stage of spinning. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Maybe a Raspberry Jam beret!

The worst thing about spinning is that you can spin so much faster than you can knit it up! Now I understand my Etsy is full of handspun yarns! It's probably not that their makers didn't love them… it's that they were threatening to overtake the house! I think I'm going to start at least swatching every yarn I make, so I can at least get a taste for the yarn without having to commit to a project. Interest in swatching- yet another mysterious change spinning has wrought in me.



  1. Allison said

    Looks delicious!

  2. Allison said

    Don’t forget about loading up your pack mule tomorrow

  3. Holly said

    That’s really pretty! It might make a really cool My So Called Scarf. The slubbies would only enhance the pattern.

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