Beverly Hills Spinning



I ordered three batts from Squambo, not because I actually needed them, but because it's so important to support your local fiber arts community. (Can you feel my halo glowing?) Because we live in the same area, she very kindly agreed to meet me at Sophie's on Wednesday night deliver the goods in person. I had the best intentions of ignoring them for a little while in order to finish spinning up my sad, neglected Fleece Artist BFL, but I just needed to spin up a little bit to see what this whole novelty yarn thing was about. And then all of a sudden I had a whole bobbin full of the stuff, and I needed to know what it would look like plied with a strand of thread. And then, apparently, I needed to rush over to the niddy noddy, skein it up, and set the twist. Art yarn- this is urgent stuff people!

A month ago I would have laughed out loud if you told me that I would be spinning up anything remotely resembling a novelty yarn, but it was so much fun that I'm thinking about buying the Babe Bulky Spinner conversion kit so I can spin some really crazy yarns. Better see if I can actually make anything with this stuff first!

The batt I spun up is called 90210. I was a bit young for that show the first time it was on, but my sister and I had Brenda and Kelly dolls. You can see what it looked like in the batt here. I was too excited to start spinning it to stop and take a picture!



  1. Holly said

    Pretty! I love me some novelty yarns. Here in the Deep South, we don’t use much wool unless we’re felting.

  2. Squambo said

    So glad you are enjoying the batts, Holly!! I love the 90210 yarn. You must really be young if you were too young for 90210! lol
    Now I feel old!!

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