300 Short

My alpaca is spun, plied, and hanging out on my deck to dry this morning, although I think it's going to take most of the day because of the chill in the air.


The bad news is, my handy yardage estimating guide lead me severely astray, and what I thought would be about 420 yards turned out to be closer to 130! I'm still not sure exactly what caused the drastic difference, but I think there are a few important contributing factors:

  • Inconsistency- It's not wildly lumpy-bumpy, but there are definitely some places that are closer to a bulky in this skein.
  • Plying- I think the guide estimates yardage for singles, not plied yarn. (Although even dividing the numbers in two, I should have gotten more.)
  • Density- As a beginning spinner I'm having trouble even grasping this concept, but there's something about the density of handspun that is supposedly different from millspun yarns.

We're discussing my folly here on Ravelry if you want to weigh in, or benefit from the wisdom of spinners who understand it all better than me.

The biggest bummer is that this was the last roving in the dark gray color I picked, so even if I wanted to go buy some more and spin it up I can't. On the other hand, it was kind of pricey so maybe it's a good thing that I'm SOL.

I've obviously had to scrap my Irish Hiking Scarf ambitions in favor of something… well, smaller. I'm not sure what I'll make yet. I like the idea of a cowl. I definitely want that luscious alpaca right against my skin! Here are some things I'm thinking about (oh, and for the record, if you don't have an odd skein of handspun alpaca laying around, I think these would all look great in Malabrigo!):

While I wait for my yarn to dry, I'll be trying hard to finish my Fibonacci Frequency hat (Rav link) and fulfill my assassin duties for Hat Attack 2. Watch out, target!


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