Leaving Home Without It

Last night, I decided to bring my spinning wheel along to Wednesday night knitting at Sophie's. It would be the third time she's been out there so far, with mixed results. The first time I brought her along, I was so new to spinning on a wheel that I could barely manage to spin more than a foot or so without breaking my roving and having to re-join, which seemed to take forever. The second time was a little better, but Iris had "borrowed" my orifice hook, which is pretty important to the process. I destroyed a perfectly good crochet hook to make an emergency version, but it worked very badly and I didn't get much done that night either. It's still hard for me to spin and keep up with a conversation at the same time, but I figure that the only way I'll get better at social spinning is to do it.

I had big spinning goals tonight, so I packed up my bag accordingly. The plan was to spin up the other braid of Fleece Artist BFL, so I brought an empty bobbin and some leader yarn. I was so hopeful that I might get it done that I decided to bring the other bobbin, loaded with singles, and an empty bobbin on the off chance that I might even get to ply. I set off only to realize right after leaving my apartment that I'd left my wheel. I ran back into the apartment, grabbed my wheel, and headed for the yarn store.

When I got out of my car, I grabbed my wheel, purse, and bag of spinning supplies. I could hear my bobbins clacking together. Which is funny, because normally they are too insulated with roving to clack…. hey, wait a minute….. where's my roving?

Yeah. Roving at the house.

In fact, I had left the house with no roving and nothing to knit! Not even my emergency sock that is supposed to be in my purse at all times! Ack!

The purpose of this post is to explain why I bought more roving tonight, even though I have several pounds at home.

On the bright side, now I know that spinning baby alpaca is in my skill range!


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