Birthday, Part 1: The Fiber Festival

Iris's first birthday also happened to be the day of the Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival, which is just perfect for the child of a knitter. Iris tagged along with me, Allison and Jessie. We had a great morning perusing the roving and yarn and meeting fiber animals and people who love them.


Is that a Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap on my kid's head? Why, yes! Yes it is!



Helpful Fiber Festival Hint: Strollers make handy shopping carts!


Allison says the goats had "devil eyes" but I thought they were adorable.


These adorable little alpacas were for sale. Guess what Iris got for her birthday? (I wish!)




And fiber from bunnies!

Of course, Mama acquired some stash. Beautiful, beautiful stash.


We'll talk more about my new fiber stash as I spin it up. (Some of it is already on the bobbin!)

Tomorrow, look for Birthday, Part Two: The Party.



  1. allison said

    The perspective on the alpacas makes them look about a foot tall. Teeny alpacas, perfect for your home or apartment.

  2. Jessie said

    Oh my GOD! Wouldn’t that be the best? Itty-bitty pet-sized alpacas! I bet they look cute in bandanas.
    Fiber Festival rocked it this year. I’m so glad someone I love spins so that I can fondle the roving, too…

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