The Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Pilot Cap (Rav link) is turning out to be a little more harrowing than expected. Potential woes include:

  1. Size. When I started the hat, I knew that I had less than a full skein of Koigu to work with, so I thought it might be a close call. I started anyway because I wanted this hat pretty bad, even if it meant cannibalizing my Purl Bee Beret. But now I'm almost done with the hat and I have a good deal of yarn left over. Which makes me happy, but also cautious. If it didn't eat up all the yarn, it might be smaller than anticipated. And like most babies, my pumpkin has well, you know… a pumpkin. On her shoulders.
  2. Wonkiness. I know it's almost impossible to tell for sure since this is a flat piece of knitting destined to be made magically three dimensional in seaming, but it sure does look funny right at the moment. Not very hat like at all!
  3. Time. I know Iris doesn't know or care that her birthday is this Saturday, but I know! And I care! And I really want her to have this hat on her birthday! As usual, time is not on my side. I shouldn't even be blogging! I should be finishing the hat!

Because the grass is always greener on the other side, I have worsted weight socks on the brain. A nice thick pair of woolly socks just sounds so appealing right now. I've been thinking about socks a lot more since I started spinning, because you really need to spin without shoes on to feel the treadles, and that wheel generates a surprising amount of breeze once it gets going. It's a recipe for cold feet. Brrrr! Ravelry is tempting me with these. And these. I know this is going to sound crazy coming from a knitter with a large stash of sock yarn but… maybe I should just buy some woolly socks.


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  1. Allison said

    I’m sure it will come out fine…
    Also that rav link for the cap is for something else

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