Funny Looking Things

I mentioned something in a previous post about niddy noddies, and someone I know cruelly accused of making up a word. I have to admit, if I were going to make up a word, that would be a pretty good word to make up, but it just so happens that it is a real word, and a real, really useful spinning tool!


In spinning, you use a niddy noddy to wind yarn off of the bobbin so you can make a pretty little skein, just like a skein in a yarn store. I got my niddy noddy at the same time as my wheel, and just like my Babe, it's made out of PVC pipes. I know that you can make your own with pipes from your local hardware store, but I'm not all that DIY. This one only cost 10 bucks.

This one makes a "standard" 1 2/3 yard skein, meaning that every time the yarn wraps around that strand of yarn measure 1 2/3 yard. You can easily guesstimate how much yardage you have by counting the strands. In my case, 60 times around the niddy noddy equals about 100 yards. My yarn went around 61 times, so I have just a smidge over that amount.

Since I promised, here's a picture of the thing I'm making Iris from the new MDK book. It's going to be the Hearbreakingly Cute Baby Pilot Cap, but right now it looks like a scarf gone horribly wrong.



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