Mason Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines



The Mason Dixon Knitting chit-chat and book signing in Lexington, KY was great fun. If you needed any other incentive besides that they are just plain AWESOME…. they brought their hair from from the video!


Oh, yeah, work it girls!


Allison, Jessie, and Iris were my comrades for this trip to Lexington, and we all had a rip-roaring good time fondling the handknits.


If they're not coming to your area, first off let me express my sympathy. But wipe up your eyes! You should buy the new book anyway, because it is like a little piece of knitting heaven. I have to confess, I was worried about the fact that not all the projects in the new MDK book are square. I figured, I already have other pattern books with non-square items in them, and they are just fine! Can nothing remain sacred? Can't we just have more garter stitch?

I am here to tell you, even if you LOVED the garter stitch and square-esence of the first book, you will not even miss it in this book. The projects are everything you've come to expect from the ladies of MDK- fun, inspiring, beautiful, and unique. My favorite kinds of knitting books are the ones that make you proud to be a knitter, the kind that make you want to throw everything else to the wayside and just knit from dusk till dawn. This is that kind of book.

It doesn't hurt that Ann and Kay themselves are just as cool, nice, and funny in person as they are in the books and on the blog.


Thanks for another wonderful book, and a fun evening!



  1. sue said

    How nice it would be to see those amazing women. I just received their new book a few weeks ago and love it. The patterns are very inspiring and the stories are always great, which I think makes a very good knitting book.

  2. Allison said

    Wow Jessie looks tan! And that aint a bad picture of me either… amazing.

  3. Holly said

    I’m so jealous! I love their new book. Iris is going to be pretty cute in the many outfits for clothing a small human.

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